Fuji XT-2 Fashion Photographs – Mini Review

Fuji XT-2 Fashion Photographs – Mini Review

Last month we had our own little fashion show in Keswick with Morellos Clothing. Poor weather was forecasted so I was under pressure to come up with a few ideas! I love the style of the Morellos coats and thought the old Keswick railway platform would be in keeping with the style of clothing. It was an exciting project for my new Fuji XT-2 camera and the 56mm lens, which turned out to be a fantastic combination. After reading all the reviews and hype on this camera, I couldn’t resist the temptation to take this small portrait beast out! I was mostly shooting at 1.2 and 1.4 on the 56mm at iso 400 with available light. I am usually shooting portraits with my canon 5D mk 3 and the old faithful 70-200mm. Rather than write a full blown review, I thought I would share a few photographs on the worldwide web for anyone that is interested in this camera and lens combination for portrait photography. It’s early days for me and Fuji at the moment and my collection of Fuji glass is minimal for now. I am also a keen underwater photographer and have just heard news from Nauticam UK that a Fuji XT-2 underwater housing will be available soon. All we need now is super wide lens and the new 80mm macro to come soon. Will I move over to Fuji or stay with Canon? My next appointment with Fuji gear will be in the Philippines……watch this space!

Fuji XT-2 Sample Photographs

Fuji XT2

Fuji XT-2 with the 56mm Lens

Fuji XT-2 Fashion

Fuji Fashion with the 56mm

Fuji Portraits

Fuji XT-2 56mm Lens 250th F1.4 ISO 400

Morellos Clothing in Keswick


My other recent post on the Fuji XT-2 is my experience with the 100-400mm lens and the battery grip for low level aviation photographs in the Lake District. This post is available to read HERE