: Martindale Deer Rut

 Martindale Deer Rut

I was a little late for the Martindale Deer rut season which is usually September and October. The fresh snow cover we had in November got me a little excited and I headed out with the head torch for sunrise. I managed to reach Place Fell summit for sunrise and captured some lovely first light photographs of¬†Helvellyn range. This was initially my main reason to venture out in the darkness and wade through knee deep snow. After sunrise it was far too nice to head back home to Keswick so we decided to battle on and search for deer and stags. This was probably one of the most rewarding days I have ever had out in the Lake District with the camera and our chocolate lab, Yogi. We had so much action to photograph it was incredible! Wild deer herds, amazing stag encounters and low level jets including four F15 American Eagles and RAF Tornados. I love this photograph of my stag experience high on the snow covered fell. It’s not as easy as capturing stags in Scotland but very rewarding. More landscape and wildlife photography on my shopping area of the website.

Martindale Deer Rut – Snow covered mountains and autumn colours


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