Holbeck Ghyll Wedding – Catherine and Mike’s Wedding Highlights

Holbeck Ghyll Wedding Photographs

Catherine and Mike travelled all the way from Cambridgeshire to be married at the stunning Holbeck Ghyll Hotel, high above Lake Windermere. Six guests, a bride and groom and Barney the dog, were all looking fine and dandy for this intimate special day in a perfect setting. Holbeck Ghyll is a stunning Wedding Venue in Cumbria with Michelin-Starred food, a cosy inglenook fireplace and gorgeous views across the lake. A typical February provided rain and wind with a slight break when we headed out for Wedding location photographs. Thanks to the weather lords, we had a break in the weather and captured stunning photographs. A huge thanks to Catherine and Mike for being so enthusiastic towards the location shots. Here are a few highlights from a fab day in Windermere…

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