: Whitehaven Maritime Festival

The Whitehaven Maritime Festival 2007 firework display with the Grand Turk in the foreground Photograph.

Whitehaven Maritime Festival

The 2007 Maritime Festival was possibly the most sucessfull ever despite the damp weather on Saturday which changed to a scorching hot day on Sunday. Apart from the well known Whitehaven harbour firework display pulling in the crowds there was a vast array of celebrities and activities planned for the weekend which included….. top celebrity chefs including Keith Floyd and Jean Christophe Novelli, M.A.D. BMX display team performing awesome stunts on their bikes, The Red Arrows display team, Catalina flying boat, The stobbart factor , and not forgeting all the random pirates that were taking the harbour by storm.
The whole Maritime Festival 2007 was photographed and is featured on the left hand column along with my Whitehaven Landscape Gallery which has a selection of sunset and Whitehaven Wave images.

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